March 9th 2019 Launch Canceled

Well everyone, I hate to bring the bad news, but unfortunately due to weather and launch site conditions we will have to cancel our launch this weekend. All of the rain we have been having has a lot of the southern california clubs canceling their launches, so if you manage to find one that doesn’t that you can make it to, happy launching!

Otherwise we will see you at the build session on March 23rd, or our launch on April 13th!

09Feb2019 Launch Canceled

Hello all,

Tomorrow’s weather calls for 50% chance of rain in the early morning, winds 10-20 mph with gusts up to 35. This combined with the excessive rain over the last two weeks with little time for the ground to dry creates a very messy launch site with winds detrimental to good launch.

On top of this ROC canceled their launch again this weekend, and so our monthly pickup of motors will not be coming through. I contacted BAR and asked them to ship the motors, but as of 4pm today (Friday) they have not yet arrived. Without these motors, most (maybe all?) will have no high or mid power motors to launch tomorrow, and some may even be out of model rocket motors.

Due to the combination of these events, we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s launch. I will let everyone know as soon as our motors arrive. Nov-Feb is always an iffy period for weather, but usually by March it clears up a lot, so hopefully no issues for a March 9th launch. If you have any questions, please address them to



Launch is a go this weekend!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are good to launch at the new location. Check out the events page, or the window to the left for more information. Remember we have a new launch location at Koehn Dry Lake bed! Hope to see you all there!

Build Session Tomorrow!

Hello all!!

Just a reminder that our build session is tomorrow. I am going to move it up two hours to get us out of the main heat of the day. So it will be 10AM to 1pm-ish. We can still go as late as 3 or as late as people want to fight the heat. I will have the fans on in the morning, and hit the swamp cooler on about 9am and hope it helps!

Bring your rockets!