Certificates and Achievements

High Powered Rocketry Certifications


In order to get your high powered rocketry certification you must be 18 years of age (with the exception of the NAR Junior HPA cert), and you must be an active member in good standing with one of the two national certifying associations, National Association of Rocketry (NAR)or the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

NAR Certs

  • Level 1 Certification : Allows the purchase and use of H and I impulse class motors; solid and hybrid. Certain F and G motors may also require Level 1 certification for purchase and use.
  • Level 2 Certification : Allows the purchase and use of J, K and L impulse class motors; solids and hybrid.
  • Level 3 Certification : Allows the purchase and use of M, N, O and beyond impulse class motors; solids and hybrid.
* We currently are only capable of certifying at NAR HPR LVl 1 and 2. For NAR HPR lvl 3, please contact Rocketry Organization of California . We hope to be able to offer this cert level to our members soon.

TRA Certs


Rocketry Achievements

  • NARTREK Skills Program *NAR membership required
  • NARTREK Cadet Program *Open to all, discount for NAR members
  • NAR Rocket Science Achievement Awards *NAR membership required
    • Faster Than Sound
    • Mile Marker (1,2,3, miles etc)
    • Data Downlink for In-Flight Insight [Real-time telemetry data]
  • SKAR Rocket Science Achievement Awards – Coming Soon! * Open to everyone
    • First Model Rocket Launch (Impulse Class A,B,C)
    • Junior Rocketeer (Impulse Class D,E)
    • Advanced Recovery Systems (Glider or helicopter recovery)
    • Mid-power Rocketry (Impulse Class F, G)