Trajectory & Analysis Tools


  • Open Rocket : Free fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.
  • TCtracer : The ThrustCurve Tracer is a freely available Java application that makes creation of rocket motor data files quick and easy.
  • RASAero : RASAero is a combined aerodynamic analysis and flight simulation software package for model and high powered rockets, amateru rockets and sounding rockets.
  • Visual Center of Pressure (VCP) 1.64 : VCP is a Center of Pressure / Center of Gravity stability calculator for Windows.


  • RockSim ($123.60) : Computer program that allows you to design any size rocket, and then simulate its flight to see how high and how fast is will fly.
  • Space CAD ($79.99) : SpaceCAD gives you the power to design and build reliable model rockets