SKAR University

Welcome to SKAR University

Check out the Community classes that will be offered from time to time by the club! Courses that are not linked are still under development and will be available in the near future.

100 Series courses – Beginners

200 Series courses – Intermediate

  • SKAR 201: Mid-power Rocketry, Clusters, Stages and Payloads
  • SKAR 201L: Workshop
  • SKAR 202L: NARTREK (Silver) / NARTREK Cadet (Apollo, Skylab)

300 Series courses – Expert

(Note – HPR cert courses for HPR lvl 2 and 3 are for studying for written tests and learning sufficient info for the safe conductance of HPR launches. HPR Labs are for building rockets for the specified certification flights.)

  • SKAR 300L: NARTREK (Gold, Science:Faster Than Sound, Science: Mile Marker)
  • SKAR 301: High Power Rocketry: Materials, Cons