Rocket Lab Build Session Tomorrow!

Just a reminder for everyone, we have our monthly build session tomorrow in Rosamond. The session will be held at 6843 Elder Ave in the large shop on the right of the property. Bring your own kit to build or just come hang out. Session starts at noon and ends at 3pm! I have water available but if you need any other drinks please bring them. I also have plenty of tools and stuff if anyone needs anything or forgets something!

Branch Elementary’s 5th Annual Edwards Intermediate Space Challenge!

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year again, when Branch Elementary holds their annual Edwards Intermediate Space Challenge! SKAR has volunteered to help the kids build rockets, and to help run their launch for the last two years, and I am hoping we can get enough volunteers together to help out again this year. Unfortunately I will be out of town for the first week and will not be able to personally support this as much as I have in the past. If anyone is interested in helping out, I have below the email from Kim Cantrell who runs the program, please get in contact with her and let her know you are from SKAR and are willing to help. Having base access is easiest, but even if you don’t I beleive the school can sponsor you on for the day(s) you wish to help. See info below!

Good morning everyone!

Branch Elementary ​is​ hosting ​our​ 5th​ Annual Edwards Intermediate Space Challenge on May 2​3​, 2017 from 10 a.m.- noon. Community volunteers are needed​ to make this event a success! ​ The Branch “Rocket Lab” will open May 9 through May 18, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Rocket building mentors are needed to guide students through the process of assembling a “Big Daddy” model rocket kit. ​Mentors are free to set their own schedule during our “open” hours. ​Launch crew members and recovery personnel​ are needed​ on May 23, from 9:30 – 12:30, to ensure a safe ​and exciting ​event for all. ​ We are looking for rocket integration and banner design ​judges​ also. Judging of team rockets and banners will be May 19, throughout the day. ​Rocket experience is not necessary, so please, come spend a few ​fun ​hours with us​!​ Please contact Kim Cantrell, Branch Elementary,​ 760-285-0058​ or​ to sign up and help Branch students.​

Please feel free to forward this email to other wonderful volunteers! Thank you for giving your time and talents to challenge a new generation of creative thinkers.

With kind regards,

Kim Cantrell
EISC Coordinator
Branch Elementary
​661-258-4418​ – School
(Personal cell removed but available if needed just email SKAR)

Safe Practices Reminder

Remember everyone, while standard over the counter Rocket and rocket motors are safe with a great track record, DIY experimental motors can be very dangerous – Please be safe and follow all safety precautions. My thoughts go out to those injured at my alma mater.

University of Idaho: Experimental Rocket Explosion Injures 4

As a reminder, while individual members of SKAR may from time to time experiment with different aspects of rocketry, to include motors, the club itself is a chartered member of the National Association of Rocketry, which does not recommend, endorse or cover the building or launching of experimental rockets, nor any damage or injury resulting from said rockets.

Click here for a reminder of the:

Launch this Saturday, March 8th

Hello everyone, we are good to go for our Launch this month, this Saturday, Mar 8th at 9am. We may have a TARC team launching with us this weekend from Irvine California, hoping to get their qualifying launches!

We still have time for you to place orders with Bay Area Rocketry, just let me know and I can pick them up with my stuff on Friday Evening.  Check out the Launch site here:

No January Launch

Hello everyone,

We are still waiting on the return of our waiver from the FAA for our approved 2017 launches. Because this has not been signed and completed yet by the FAA, we will not be able to launch this weekend.  Given how much rain we have (and will) recieve this week, it probably would not have been great conditions out in the desert of launching anyways.  In lieu of our launch this month, I would like to host a build session at my house.  I will be posting an event here shortly for this month that has all the information needed, as well as posting on the group Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

This Weekends Launch

Hey all, just a reminder that the launches in Nov, Dec, Jan and even sometimes Feb tend to be very iffy due to weather and wind. I will do my best to ensure we get as many launches as possible, however, sometimes the weather is just not conducive to safe and reasonable launches.
So with that a reminder, that we will not launch in rain, or the morning after a rain heavy enough to leave the field flooded. NAR safety rules also prevent us from launching in winds over 20 mph.
Tomorrows launch, the wind profile is as follows

10% chance of rain
9AM 10mph
10AM 12MPH
11AM 16MPH
12pm 19MPH
1pm 21MPH
2pm 20MPH
As you can see it will be pretty windy. Personally I do not launch in anything above 15, as I have no interest in traveling that distance to hopefully recover a rocket. Best case scenario we only have 3 hours for launches. If there is anyone that wants to launch tomorrow morning, let me know and I am more than happy to head out and set up.
Sunday, as of right now looks as follows

10% chance of rain
9AM 13mph
10AM 13MPH
11AM 13MPH
12pm 12MPH
1pm 13MPH
2pm 14MPH

Definitely more stable than Saturday, but still bordering up there in the high end. Given this, I will leave it up to you guys on what you would like to do. please visit the facebook page to submit your poll answer, or email the club at

Saturday Launch 12/10/16

Without being able to easily verify everyone is getting the Facebook event, we are going to try a new approach that includes multiple avenues of notification.  Each event shall be created via Facebook, here on the club page, and a post, such as this one, shall also be created referencing the event.

With that said, we’re hoping for a nice calm morning for some safe and successfull launching.  Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event

SKAR Club Event