SKAR 101: Introduction to Rocketry

Introduction to Rocketry Syllabus

Instructor Information

Instructor Email  
Christopher R. Birkinbine

General Information


A beginner’s course to the field and hobby of amateur rocketry. Learn the basics of the hobby, a bit of history, about the national associations, and local laws.

Expectations and Goals

Students taking this course can expect to gain enough knowledge to safely and comfortably being a hobby of amateur rocketry. Included in the course is information relating to the basics of the hobby, laws and governing organizations and associations, usage of airspace as it pertains to rocketry, as well as a little bit of history.

The goal of the course to become comfortable with the hobby, and to know what questions you need to ask to get started, as well as hopefully some of the answers.

Course Materials

Required Materials

No materials required.

Optional Materials

Pen and paper, laptop, tablet or some other method of note taking as important organizational names and urls will be given.

Further Reading

The History of rockets -Book- Miller, Ron

Handbook of Model Rocketry –Book- Stine, G. Harry

Make: rockets -Book- Westerfield, Mike

Rocket Building 101 DVD, Apogee Components

Course Outline

  1. What is a Rocket?
  2. History of Amateur Rocketry
  3. Anatomy of a Rocket
  4. Rockets today
    • Model Rockets
    • Mid Powered Rockets
    • High Powered rockets
  5. Rocket Science
    • The Rocket Equation
    • Stability (CG and CP)
  6. Societies
  7. Certifications
    • Lvl 1
    • Lvl 2
    • Lvl 3
  8. Local Groups
  9. Regulating Authorities
    • Federal – FAA
    • State
    • County
  10. Local Airspace
  11. Questions

Additional Information and Resources

Additional information can be found:

National Association of Rocketry

Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry

Electronic code of Federal Regulations 101 Moored Balloons, Kites, Amateur Rockets and Unmanned Free Balloons