President Roles and Responsibilities

The Club President will be responsible for planning, organization and carrying out responsibilities associated with the management and administration of club activities. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Appointing and delegating members to positions on comittees
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all club comittees
  • Evaluate the state of the club, perform ongoing analysis of club meetings, launches and operations in an attempt to continuously improve the club and its benefits to club members
  • Set goals and timelines for the club
  • Motivating the club and its membership to actively participate in club events, ensuring a climate of enthusiasm, openness, as well as ensuring a safe environment for members
  • Ensure each club meeting, and meet-ups are properly organized and well planned, flow smoothly, start and end on time, and that each member has what they need to maximize the clubs benefits.
  • Lead recruitment efforts, and help brainstorm new ideas to help bring value to membership
  • Oversee the roles of other board members, and to assist as needed
  • Organize a quarterly business meeting, and oversee directly or through delegation a quarterly newsletter, and additional emails as neccisary to convey important information to club members
  • Oversee and direct necessary training for club officers and range safeties
  • Oversee special committees tasked with reviewing Code of Honor violations, and appeals.
  • Oversee a fair and open election process in accordance with the club Bylaws
  • Ensure all Bylaws and procedures are being followed by the club, club officers and advisers, and club members.
  • Oversee directly or by delegation the operations of the club website, facebook page , twitter feed, youtube channel and club email address.
  • Oversee directly or by delegation the regular scheduling of club launches, following the procedures set out by the FAA, NAR, and any applicable Air Force Air Space Managers office.
  • Oversee directly or by delegation the annual renewal of the clubs FAA waiver, Air Force Air Space Letter of Agreement, property permissions, NAR Club Charter, and any other regularly recurring documentation.